19 August 2022

Turkish Students Participated in TİKA’s Activities in Georgia

9 Turkish students who visited Georgia under the Experience Sharing Program (ESP) 2022, organized in cooperation with Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), took part in TİKA’s projects and activities.

9 Turkish students who visited Georgia under the ESP 2022, organized with TİKA’s support, took part in various activities in several regions across the country. Our volunteer ambassadors first took part in the construction of the Khuldere Training Center, one of the centers affiliated with the New Thinking Institute, and its library. Then, inspired by the “Zero Waste” project, they created a reading nook together with young villagers, using old crates and tires.

Bread distribution to those in need

As part of the program, the students visited the shoe and sewing workshops established for refugees from Abkhazia in the town of Vaziani, located near Tbilisi. After the visit, they distributed the bread they baked in the Vaziani Bakery to local people in need. The students also learned about the ashik tradition in Âşık Kamandar Museum, opened with TİKA’s support in the village of Kvemo-Bolnisi in Kvemo Kartli.

Finally, the students visited the Republic of Türkiye’s Embassy in Tbilisi, Turkish Airlines Tbilisi Office, Maarif Schools in Georgia, Yunus Emre Institute, and TİKA’s Coordination Office in Tbilisi.

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