28 July 2016

Turkey Won't Be Like Iraq, Syria: TIKA Chief

Turkey will not turn into another Egypt, Iraq, or Syria, as its president, opposition parties, and parliament are now fully united, Serdar Cam, head of the Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA), said on Thursday.

"Once there was [Armenian terrorist group] ASALA, then came the PKK, Daesh, and now [Fetullah Terrorist Group] FETO. These sneaky games will continue as long as Turkey's unimpeachable success also continues, " Cam told Anadolu Agency. "The radical cleansing [of FETO elements] will start a new era in Turkey."

Cam went on to stress that during the July 15 failed coup, the will and bravery of the Turkish nation surpassed the mechanisms of the state.

Working under Turkey’s Prime Ministry, TİKA handles most of Turkey's development assistance to developing countries.

Criticizing Western media coverage of the FETO coup attempt, Cam said it was not "surprising," referring to their hypocritical approach during the 2013 Gezi Park incident and 17-25 December 2013 process.

"It's obvious that however much detail we use to explain, some Western media will not report in favor of Turkey," he said.

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