28 July 2016

Reaction to the Coup Attempt by Ahiska (Meskhetian) Turks in Kyrgyzstan

Ahiska Turks Association in Kyrgyzstan condemns coup attempt performed by FETÖ (Fethullah Terrorist Organization).

Representatives of Ahiska Turks Association have rallied in order to condemn the coup attempt which is performed by FETÖ. Turkish Ambassador to Bishkek His Excellency Mr. Metin Kılıç and TIKA Bishkek Program Co-ordinator Mr. Evren Rutbil participated in the program.

Within the scope of the program, Reşat Şamiloğlu, President of Ahiska Turks Association, stated that ‘’the coup attempt which is performed in Turkey, our motherland, in July 15 is also performed against Ahiska Turks. We,  as Turks, strongly condemn vile coup attempt performed by FETÖ that is the enemy of nation and state. We will be standing on the side of our people and national will’’ at his speech.

Şamiloğlu stated their position on the side of elected government, the state and the President of Turkish Republic Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  He conveyed condolences to martyrs who passed away during the coup attempt and wish the wounded recovery. Emil Galidov- a retired policemen, said ‘’they (FETÖ) are terrorists. They are traitors. We are also not calm here. We are also on duty. Ten days has passed and we still have not slept comfortably. I convey condolences to Turkey. May Turkey be well forever’’

Condemning the outrageous attack Dr. Kemal Hmaladze said ‘’If the treacherous coup attempt had been successful, Turkish people and the state would have met with the danger of disappearance.  Turkish people have won. Turkish people stopped the tanks, rifles, planes and helicopters with the Turkish flag. There is nothing to harm the nation and the state which are in love with their flag, their nation and their state. Henceforth Turkey will be more powerful. We always stand by Turkish people and state. ’’

Turkish Ambassador to Bishkek Mr. Metin Kılıç stated rapid normalization of Turkey after the coup attempt and thanked Ahiska Turks for their support. He indicates the struggle against foreign connections of FETÖ and said ‘’this organization has international connections. They also have connection with Kyrgyzstan. They have many institutions in Kyrgyzstan. Therefore, we officially demanded to take precaution against FETÖ from Kyrgyz authorities.”

Evren Rutbil, TIKA Bishkek Program Co-ordinator, declared that ‘’FETÖ terrorists who planned the coup attempt and betrayed the country must know that we will continue to defend our country with our blood and our lives’’. Participants also stated the independence of Turkey and emphasized that ‘’The Republic of Turkey will stay independent and the Turkish flag will wave for ever and ever’’.

The participants wish people wounded during the coup attempt quick recovery and convey condolences to whom honored with martyrdom. After the speeches, they pray for martyrs and recited Quran.

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