23 March 2016

Turkey to Host the First Ever Humanitarian Summit

Turkey to Host the First Ever Humanitarian Summit

The global humanitarian aid system has become ineffective in responding to today’s humanitarian crises. Each day, the number and complexity of crises, the financing gap between ever-increasing needs and limited resources as well as the extent of human suffering are growing.

Today, 80% of humanitarian needs are caused by armed conflicts, with most being recurrent or protracted crises lasting for years. Moreover, such crises are transcending borders as the recent tragic exodus of refugees and effects of pandemics have bitterly reminded us once again.

The World Humanitarian Summit will be held for the first time to address the extraordinary challenges to the current international humanitarian system. Turkey will host this historic Summit on 23-24 May 2016 in İstanbul.

Turkey, with its human-centred diplomacy and strong tradition of responding to those in need, has always extended its caring hand to the needy all around the world. Today, Turkey is also hosting over 3 millions of refugees fleeing from the neighbouring countries and sharing their suffering.

For centuries, Turkey has welcomed and hosted millions of people fleeing atrocities in their home countries. According to UN data, Turkey is the biggest refugee-hosting nation in the world.

Turkey is among the largest donor countries of the world in terms of official humanitarian assistance extended (ranking  3rd with an official humanitarian assistance of 1.6 $billion in 2013 after the US and the UK). Turkey is also the world’s “most generous” humanitarian donor when the ratio of official humanitarian assistance to national income is taken into consideration. Advocated strongly by Turkey at all platforms, the amount of development assistance has reached $3.6 billion.

As a donor and host country for millions of refugees, our country can better evaluate both sides of the humanitarian system. Turkey has taken its place among the main actors of the global humanitarian system.

Designation of Turkey as the host of the World Humanitarian Summit is the sign of international community’s admiration for the tireless efforts of Turkey.

The Summit, co-hosted by Turkey and the UN Secretary General, will gather the world leaders with the affected communities and seek answers for the urgent challenges to the future of the system together with NGOs, private sector and representatives of other stakeholders. With this opportunity, Turkey will also share its experiences and exemplary practices in this field with the humanitarian community.

Today, as no country is immune from humanitarian crisis, responding to these crises is not only an international responsibility but also a moral obligation. Turkey, with this understanding, awaits you to embrace the future of humanity.

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