19 April 2021

Turkey Provides Healthcare Support for Libya

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) donated a drug delivery vehicle to a First Aid Center in the historical town of Ghadames, located in Southwest Libya.

During his speech at the handover ceremony held in the Ministry of Health Ghadames First Aid Center, the TİKA Tripoli Coordinator Gıyaseddin Karatepe said that drug delivery was one of the most important problems of Ghadames in healthcare. Karatepe remarked: “We contributed into the historical friendship and cooperation between Turkey and Libya by donating a fully equipped drug delivery vehicle in order to make sure that drugs are transported under appropriate conditions.” Having stated that TİKA has carried out many projects in various regions of the country since 2011 in order to help the people of Libya advance and prosper, Karatepe emphasized that these activities would go on increasingly. During his statement to the AA reporter, Karatepe reminded that the historical town of Ghadames had a strategic importance on the border of Tunisia, Algeria and Libya. The TİKA Coordinator said: "This city, which is 620 kilometers away from the capital Tripoli, has been facing serious problems regarding drug transport. We realized this project which will make a positive contribution into the lives of the people of this city and make life easier for them.”

Health Director Beşir thanked TİKA and Turkey

During his statement to the AA reporter, the Ghadames Health Director Habib Beşir emphasized that due to the long distance between the capital Tripoli and Ghadames, it was important to transport the drugs without being spoiled or losing their impact especially in hot weather. Having stated that they have been facing serious problems in this area for years, Beşir said: “We really needed a vehicle like this. I'd like to thank Turkey and all TİKA officials.”

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