23 September 2013

Training Provided To Prosecutors In Mongolia

Training Provided To Prosecutors In Mongolia

Through cooperation between the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate and the Justice Academy of Turkey, training in “Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation” was organized in Ankara for 25 Mongolian prosecutors.

By organizing a number of different projects and activities in Mongolia to contribute to the improvement of administrative infrastructure in Mongolia’s public agencies and organizations, TİKA continues to share its experience in a variety of different sectors. The educational program organized in this context for Mongolian prosecutors in Mongolia served to provide information about the Justice System in Turkey.

Within the scope of the mentioned training program, the Mongolian prosecutors visited the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court of Appeals Prosecutor’s Office and the Courts of Sincanlı and Istanbul. Mongolian prosecutors were provided with information about the Turkish Justice System such as all applications concerning crime scene investigation, gathering evidence, examining, protecting and transporting evidence. Also the Mongolian prosecutors were able to examine firsthand the activities of the Security General Directorate Criminal Police Laboratory Department Directorate and share their experiences.

After completing the training program the Mongolian prosecutors participated in a social program in Istanbul before returning to their country. The Mongolian prosecutors said that they were very pleased with the training they received and expressed their thanks to TİKA.

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