07 March 2014

Training For Experts From Tunisian National Institute Of Statistics

Training For Experts From Tunisian National Institute Of Statistics

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency coordinated the delivery of technical specialty training by Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) to experts from Tunisian National Institute of Statistics.

Vocational training programmes are underway by TIKA’s contribution to enhance staff capacity of Tunisian public entities. In the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding between Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT), TIKA and Tunisian National Institute of Statistics, TURKSTAT organized and delivery a vocational and technical training programme to Tunisian staff. The training programme involved address-based population census system, use of census data in voter registration, management and analysis of statistical processes, data collection, distribution and evaluation.

Having completed the training, experts from Tunisian National Institute of Statistics noted that they would be working on the nation-wide population census scheduled for April this year, and Turkish knowledge and experience would be significant for the effort. Expressing their gratitude to TIKA and TURKSTAT for institutional cooperation, Tunisian experts hoped such technical training programmes would continue into the future.

The project intends to advance institutional cooperation between Turkey and Tunis, and enable an exchange professional knowledge and experience on public statistics. Initiated in 2012 to support administrative and civil infrastructure in Tunisia, TIKA projects are further diversified to include assistance for economic, social, cultural and educational infrastructure; equipment assistance and capacity enhancement to develop productive sectors; security, healthcare, tourism, agriculture and livestock, and vocational training and technical cooperation.

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