31 March 2021

TİKA Will Renovate the Historical Ottoman Bath in Kosovo

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and Pristina Municipality signed a cooperation protocol for the renovation of the Fatih Hammam (Grand Hammam) in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo.

The signing ceremony held at the conference hall of the municipality was attended by Shpend Ahmeti, Mayor of Pristina; Cihan Dinçer, TİKA’s Kosovo Coordinator; and other officials.

In his statements after the signing ceremony, Mayor Ahmeti said that TİKA had always fulfilled their requests in sociocultural fields. Noting that the relations between the two countries were excellent, Ahmeti said, “Today, I am happy to announce that this bath will be restored to its original state. As the municipality, we contacted TİKA in order to put the bath into service as a public space. It will be transformed into a public space where different events and conferences will be held upon the request of citizens because the interior of the bath is gorgeous.”

Dinçer stated that the bath restoration project will set an example for future projects. “We have already started to work in cooperation with the municipality in order to ensure that the bath remains an active and operational cultural center that serves Kosovo after the restoration project,” he continued. “We are ready to do anything for Kosovo and the people of Kosovo within our means and in accordance with the country’s legislation. We are here for Kosovo.” 

Under the protocol, TİKA will carry out the restoration of the Fatih Hammam in Pristina in cooperation and coordination with the Pristina Municipality.

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