12 June 2023

TİKA was awarded the Royal Order for its contribution to the relations between Türkiye and Cambodia

Prak Sokhonn, the Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Cooperation of Cambodia, presented the "Grand Cross of The Royal Order of Cambodia" to Dr. Ümit Naci Yorulmaz, the Vice President of TİKA, for Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA)’s works for the country.

TİKA maintained its development cooperation activities, which started with the Türkiye-Cambodia Friendship Road Project in 2009, under various topics such as the improvement of public administrative infrastructures, education, food security, agriculture, and shelter.

With the project carried out in the Prasat settlement of Kandal Province of Cambodia, the families whose houses get damaged in the rainy season every year were provided climate-resistant houses. 20 families in need in 2022, and 26 families in the second-phase works held in 2023 were provided support so that they could be protected from the negative effects of the climate conditions.

Sokhonn, Ülkü Kocaefe; Türkiye’s Ambassador to Phnom Penh, Yorulmaz; the Vice President of TİKA, and high-level officials from various ministries of Cambodia participated in the delivery ceremony held after the completion of project works carried out jointly with the Foreign Affairs and International Development Cooperation of Cambodia as a part of the project, in which approximately 300 people directly benefited.

Sokhonn specified that this project is of critical importance for their country and thanked TİKA for its cooperation. Expressing that it was very meaningful for Türkiye to complete the project it had started in Cambodia despite difficult times, Sokhonn stated that those who contributed to this project deserve appreciation.

Yorulmaz also expressed their hope that this significant project, which has been carried out successfully, will contribute to bilateral relations.

Wishing the beneficiaries of the project to live happy lives in their new homes, Yorulmaz indicated that TİKA operates through 62 offices in 120 countries besides Cambodia and creates added value on a global scale by acting with a human-centered development approach.

At the ceremony, following the symbolic ribbon cutting, Yorulmaz was awarded the “Grand Cross of the Royal Order of Cambodia” on behalf of TİKA by Sokhonn.

The order presented is given by the King of Cambodia to foreigners who contribute to the Kingdom of Cambodia and its people, and the development of the country.

Visit to DC-CAM center (Documentation Center of Cambodia)

TİKA’s delegation then visited the DC-CAM center which was cooperated with as a part of the Cham Silk project carried out in 2022.

The delegation was informed about the ongoing projects of the center. Youk Chhang, the Director of DC-CAM, expressed their pleasure to host TİKA and talked about the history and archive works conducted by DC-CAM for Cambodia.

TİKA’s Vice President Yorulmaz also visited Angkor University in Siem Reap as part of their program in the country.

In their speech, Yorulmaz stated that there are good examples of cooperation between universities in various countries and TİKA and that they think successful practices can be carried out in Cambodia as well.

Doctor Gnel Rattha, the Rector of Angkor University, said that they would be happy to contribute to the transfer of Türkiye’s experience in development to the field, and that they think that triple cooperation could be made in income-generating areas such as bamboo shoemaking and putting agricultural products on the market.

Royal Order Certificate to TİKA

Yorulmaz and the accompanying delegation also met with Ouch Borith, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Cambodia and the Permanent Secretary of State.

During the meeting, Borith thanked TİKA for its contribution to the development of Cambodia and stated that they attach importance to the development experience of Türkiye and follow it closely.

Later, Borith presented Yorulmaz with the royal order certificate, which was handed over with the approval of the King and the Prime Minister.

“Cambodia attaches importance to the development experience of Türkiye”

The delegation was later hosted by the Othsman Hassan, a Senior Minister, at the Prime Ministry building.

Thanking TİKA for their contribution to the development of Cambodia, Hassan stated that they hope that the projects held in the fields of education, communication, agriculture, and animal husbandry would continue.

Hassan expressed their satisfaction with the delegation’s visit and emphasized that they attach importance to the development experience of Türkiye and follow it closely.

Yorulmaz also said that as TİKA, they would continue to contribute to the activation of the high economic potential of Cambodia.

Visit to Yunus Emre Institute

Yorulmaz also visited Yunus Emre Institute (YEE), which started its activities in the Royal University of Phnom Penh.

Stating that YEE’s initiation of Turkish lessons is a pleasing development, Yorulmaz noted that it is exciting to include Cambodia among the countries where Turkish is taught.

Macit Koç, Regional Advisor of YEE in Cambodia, provided information about YEE’s activities in the country.

Yorulmaz indicated that they believe that their visit to Cambodia and the high-level meetings they held would open the door for new cooperation opportunities between Türkiye and Cambodia and that the program was quite productive, and thanked Ambassador Kocaefe and the Embassy’s personnel, who provided all kinds of support for the implementation of TİKA projects and never left them alone throughout the program.

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