12 June 2023

TİKA Supports Digital Learning in Afghanistan

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) built a classroom theater to International Correction Television Channel for digital learning purposes.

At the International Correction Television Channel, which broadcasts secondary school and high school lectures, a class alike studio theater, at which the filming will be conducted, has been built.

This classroom environment provided by TİKA was equipped with various educational tools and equipment as well as physics, chemistry and biology laboratory materials.

Thanks to the project, those who don’t have access to education will be able to follow their lectures at their homes.

Arafat Deniz, TİKA’s Coordinator in Herat; Neciburrahman Hedid, International Correction Television Channel Director; and Ayende Sazân School executives and teachers participated in the first filming ceremony of the “Secondary School and High School Education at Home” program.

Deniz, TİKA’s Coordinator in Herat, commented that it is an alternative education model for secondary school and high school students whose access to education is blocked for various reasons.

Hedid, International Correction Television Channel Director, thanked TİKA for Türkiye’s projects in their home country. Hedid, who expressed his appreciation towards TİKA’s support especially in the development and capacity improvement fields, stated their plans to give education on television channels for a year thanks to TİKA’s support.

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