10 July 2020

TİKA Trains Healthcare Professionals in Yemen on COVID19

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) began organizing training sessions as part of the awareness-raising project on the introduction, symptoms, classification, and treatment of COVID-19 in cooperation with the National Training and Rehabilitation Center of the Ministry of Health of Yemen.

2-day training courses are held in Aden, the temporary capital of Yemen, for doctors and other healthcare professionals working in hospitals, quarantine centers, and clinics affiliated with the Provincial Health Directorates. Awareness-raising activities on COVID-19 will continue throughout the week in the provinces of Abyan, Dhale, and Taiz respectively. More than 300 healthcare providers are expected to benefit from the project in Yemen, which was launched before the start of the month of Ramadan.

The opening session of the training program was attended by Director of the National Training and Rehabilitation Center of the Ministry Dr. Rayam Hassan Al-Bakri, Deputy Minister of Health and Provincial Health Director of Aden Dr. Muhammed Rebid, Head of the Turkish Red Crescent’s Delegation in Yemen Mustafa Aydın, and TİKA’s Yemen Coordinator Abdullah Sarı.

Director of the National Training and Rehabilitation Center Dr. Rayam Bakri said, “With this project, implemented in cooperation with TİKA, our Ministry aims to teach participants from the White Army how to combat the virus and what to do when they encounter the risk of the transmission of the coronavirus.” He stressed that they are aware of all the challenges faced by healthcare providers and are working hard to provide the necessary services to combat the virus to the White Army working in healthcare centers, hospitals, and quarantine centers. He said that the Ministry aims to organize a series of training sessions in Aden and all the governorates of the government in cooperation with TİKA to train healthcare providers and the public on the implementation of the appropriate measures to combat the virus.

TİKA’s Yemen Coordinator Abdullah Sarı stated that the Program Coordination Office aims to provide relief to the people of Yemen, a friendly and sister country, during these difficult times; to raise awareness about this pandemic among doctors and nurses, who are first points of contact; to provide accurate information about the disease to doctors and nurses, and to enable them to treat the disease safely with the right diagnosis.

The COVID-19 outbreak is not the first outbreak in Yemen. During the six years of civil war, many outbreaks occurred in different regions and claimed as many lives as the war.

In this course, which is part of the awareness-raising program, the relevant medical staff is trained on how to deal with this virus, which spreads in various provinces; how to prevent the spread of the virus in a proper and planned way; and how to treat positive cases without spreading the virus to the rest of the society.


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