04 August 2023

TİKA Supports Training Activities in Libya

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) built a playground in the İşbiliye Kindergarten in the capital of Libya, Tripoli.

Türkiye’s Ambassador to Tripoli, Kenan Yılmaz and TİKA’s Coordinator in Libya, Ali Süha Bacanakgil, along with Deputy Mayor of Hai Al-Andalus, Semir Şigvara and Libya Ministry of Education Administration of Kindergartens Management General Directorate, Abdulhakim Zirati and other authorities attended the opening ceremony of the playground built with the support of TİKA.

Ambassador Yılmaz, in his speech at the ceremony, said: “Our people showed an act shoulder to shoulder through thick and thin. Lastly, the generous support from our Libyan brothers from every region of the country during the earthquake disaster that occurred in our country showed how strong our bonds are.”

TİKA’s Coordinator in Libya, Bacanakgil, mentioned:

“Culture of solidarity is an inseparable part of our thousands of years history and morale. Today, with this fundamental, our foreign policy is built on this humane diplomacy principle. And TİKA fulfils this principle in friendly and brotherly abroad countries.”

Reminding the audience that TİKA has been active in Libya since 2011, Bacanakgil stated that more than 115 projects in different fields, including education, health, agriculture, livestock, science and culture in Libya, were performed.

İşbiliye Kindergarten is one of the achievements of TİKA in Libya

By mentioning that İşbiliye Kindergarten is one of the achievements of TİKA in Libya, the Director of Administration of Kindergarten in Andalusia Neighbourhood, Muhammed Ali İbrahim, thanked TİKA.

Stating that the kindergarten was built in 2017, İbrahim said that TİKA supported them in establishing the kindergarten and now built a 200-square meter playground in the kindergarten.

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