04 August 2023

“Education and Production Greenhouse” Built in Tajikistan

Built by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) on the Agrarian University campus, which is the only university to carry on a study on agriculture in Tajikistan, the “Education and Production Greenhouse” was opened.

To increase the professional knowledge and experience of students, support the practical training and enable them to gain experience in the field, a 450-square-meter modern education and search greenhouse was built in Tajikistan Agrarian University, one of the deep-rooted institutions in Tajikistan.

In the first one of the two steps, while the greenhouse was built, experts from Türkiye provided training to the lecturers at the university about greenhouse cultivation for two weeks.

During the training, seedlings from Türkiye were also planted.

Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Tajikistan, Kurbon Hakimzoda; President of the Tajik Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nurali Asozoda; Rector of Agrarian University, Usmon Mahmadyorzoda; Turkish Embassy in Dushanbe Second Secretary, Ozan Kublay and TİKA’s Coordinator, İbrahim Erbir attended the opening ceremony of the education greenhouse.

Stating that this project is a strategic step for agricultural education in Tajikistan, Tajikistan Minister of Agriculture Hakimzoda, in his speech, thanked TİKA for the project. Hakimzoda mentioned that the positive outcomes of the project and its contribution to the country’s agriculture would be seen clearly in the future.

With the project, Tajikistan Agrarian University will greatly contribute to the qualified workforce in the agriculture field.

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