26 June 2020

TİKA Supports the Kingdom of Eswatini’s Fight against COVID19

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided modern sewing machines to the Southern African country of the Kingdom of Eswatini for the production of masks to combat the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

As part of the Women’s Development Program conducted by the Ministry of Tinkhundla Administration and Development of Eswatini, TİKA provided modern sewing machines to 5 Women’s Vocational Courses in 4 administrative regions. The sewing machines requested by the Ministry of Tinkhundla Administration and Development of Eswatini to be used to produce masks were distributed to Women’s Training Centers.

In his statement, TİKA’s Pretoria Program Coordinator Mehmet Akif Şekerci said that TİKA is a brand in the field of humanitarian and development assistance in Sub-Saharan Africa. He noted that TİKA, a reflection of Turkey’s charitable nature, extends its helping hand to even the most remote corners of Africa during this period when borders are closed and even basic supplies are procured with difficulty due to the threat of COVID-19. Şekerci added that Turkey continues its fight and efforts determinedly with all the relevant institutions and also supports those in need abroad who have difficulties due to this outbreak, as a reflection of the country’s solidarity during difficult times.

In his statement, Tinkhundla Community Development Officer Majahodvwa Nkonde expressed the Ministry of Tinkhundla’s satisfaction with TİKA’s support for Eswatini. He stated that the ministry would continue to fulfill its duties of alleviating poverty and unemployment in communities and increasing the sources of income, thanks to the sewing machines provided. Underlining that the machines would increase the number of people who want to sharpen their skills and would improve the quality of the products they manufacture in 5 training centers in the region, Nkonde said, “They will help increase the number of job opportunities and improve entrepreneurial skills in the region, which will alleviate poverty and unemployment in communities.”

Eswatini has so far reported 506 COVID-19 cases and 4 deaths.


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