26 June 2020

TİKA Continues to Support Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Fight against COVID19

In cooperation with the Sarajevo Maarif High School, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) produced hand sanitizers to be distributed to educators and healthcare providers to combat the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As part of the project supported by TİKA, the consumables required to combat the pandemic were provided, and 500 liters of hand sanitizers were produced in cooperation with Maarif Schools of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in accordance with the formulation recommended by the World Health Organization. The hand sanitizers were distributed to NGOs and organizations in the country, especially educational and healthcare institutions.

Adel Polutak, who teaches Chemistry in the Sarajevo Maarif High School, said, “We are extremely happy to contribute to our country by participating in such a project during the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.”

Naim Salkovic, who works for the Sarajevo Center for People with Hearing Impairment, one of the institutions supported, thanked the Turkish people and the Turkish Government and expressed his satisfaction with the contribution made in cooperation with TİKA to the improvement of the educational and living conditions of children and young people with special needs.


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