11 September 2023

TİKA Supports Preschool Education in Gaza

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided equipments for the renovation of Sultan Abdülhamid Han Preschool in Palestine’s Gaza Strip.

The blockade that has been going on for years in the city of Gaza continues to affect many sectors. One of the sectors that has been affected most by these hard conditions is the education sector. According to the United Nations reports, almost half of the children between the ages 5-17 are unable to complete their education due to the inefficiency of schooling and other impossibilities. Under these hard conditions, many schools have to implement half-day education system due to the inefficiency of schooling and crowded classes.

Within the scope of the project which was launched to help decrease the problems faced in the field of education, Sultan Abdülhamid Han Preschool, which was built with the help of Sadakataşı Association, was renovated with the equipments provided by TİKA.

After the renovation was complete, the preschool, which currently has 400 students, was furnished with new tables and chairs, cabinets and sofa sets both for the students and the teachers.

In the preschool, in which renovation and equipment processes were completed by TİKA, the semester of education has started.

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