11 September 2023

Agricultural Infrastructure of Afghanistan is Getting Stronger with TİKA

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) installed agricultural greenhouses for education and implementation in Sar-e Pol, Kunduz and Takhar provinces in order to make agricultural infrastructure of Afghanistan stronger.

Within the scope of the project TİKA has put into effect in Afghanistan, two greenhouses in three different provinces have been installed; each 220 square meters wide.

Various kinds of agricultural fertilizers and pesticides, as well as the spraying machines that will be needed for seeding and harvesting have been provided as well.

Within the agricultural implementation that will be done at the greenhouses distributed for the staff of the related institutions to use, the development of greenhousing in the area will be supported.

Greenhouses that allow drip irrigation will provide a blueprint for Afghan farmers who use traditional agricultural methods.

The goal is to increase the production of vegetables and fruits within the agricultural activity of the installed greenhouses for implementation.

An opening ceremony was held

Provincial Director of Agriculture of Sar-e Pol, Kari Abdul Kadir Vahdet, Provincial Director of Agriculture of Takhar, Mevlevi Rahimullah Ahadi and Provincial Director of Agriculture of Kunduz, Mevlevi Amanullah Hasan, TİKA’s coordinator in Mazar-i-Sharif Mikail Taşdemir and other authorities have attended the opening ceremony.

In his speech, TİKA’s coordinator in Mazar-i-Sharif Taşdemir has stated that 70 percent of Afghanistan’s economy depends on agriculture and livestock breeding and therefore, agricultural activities should be supported.

Having stated that Afghanistan and Türkiye are two friendly countries that have been sisters for hundreds of years; Taşdemir emphasized that Türkiye always offers a hand of friendship and sisterhood to the people of Afghanistan.

Taşdemir has also emphasized that like in the other sectors, the implementation of installed greenhouses within the scope of supporting the development of agricultural infrastructure will enable growing vegetables and fruits every month of the year.

Taşdemir stated that in areas with a problem of irrigation, the water used in the greenhouses with drip irrigation system will both be economic and enable the farmers who fight against drought with new and modern agricultural production. He has also emphasized that tons of water will be saved thanks to the drip irrigation system of the installed greenhouses.

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