08 November 2016

TİKA Renovated Dungan Mosque in Kyrgyzstan

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) completed environmental renovation of Dungan İbrahim Hacı Mosque in Karakol city; near the Lake Issyk-Kul and one of Kyrgyzstan's top tourist destinations.

The Dungan Mosque was built during the beginning of the 20th century. This particular style of architecture was created by the best masters, headed by architect Zhou Si, who Haji Ibrahim specially invited from Beijing. This one-storey wooden building was made without a single nail. The corners of the roof were decorated with dragon figurines; the walls with images of plants and mythological animals which, according to popular belief, bring abundance and ward off evil spirits, respectively.*

Ambassador of Turkey to Kyrgyzstan Metin Kılıç, Governor of Issyk-Kul Ashat Akibaev, Mayor of Karakol city Daniyar Arpaçıev, mufti and local people attended inauguration ceremony of the recently renovated sites of the Mosque.

Ambassador Kılıç restated the importance of this renovation for its use to both local people and tourists. Locals expressed their gratitude for support of Turkish people.

* Cited at Official Tourism Information and Promotion Site of the Kyrgyz Republic which is sponsored by TİKA.

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