14 November 2016

Mummy of Female with a Horse to Shed Light on Turkish History

1,500-year-old female mummy found in Mongolia and probably belonging to the Gokturk era is being examined by Turkish experts invited by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

Experts from the relevant institution gathered for a meeting about the week-long study that will begin under the “Research Project for Archaeological Remains of Female with a Horse” jointly undertaken by the Mongolian Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and TİKA. After the meeting, experts were invited to Mongolia and visited the Heritage Centre where the mummy is held.

Prof. Ahmet Taşağıl noted during the meeting that under this Project, which would shed light on Turkish history, experts from Turkey would examine the findings throughout the week, submit their analyses to the U.S. and get the analysis results.

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