16 November 2016

Medical Training for Uzbek Doctors

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) in cooperation with the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, organized a medical training program for Uzbek neonatologists and obstetricians. 

5 Turkish staff physicians of Zeynep Kamil Kadın ve Çocuk Hastalıkları Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi (Zeynep Kamil Maternity, Children Training and Research Hospital) instructed Uzbek pediatrics, neonatology and gynecology experts working in Republican Specialized Scientific-Practical Medical Center of Pediatrics / Training and Simulation Center.

Training and Simulation Center was founded by TİKA last year. The Center allows neonatologists, resident physicians and other specialists to improve their skills. Uzbek doctors found opportunity to refine their skills not only through models and simulators, but also through innovative virtual simulations, providing the virtual reality of medical interventions and procedures.

Speaking at the event, First Deputy Minister of Health of Uzbekistan Laziz Toyçiyev noted that the Uzbek-Turkish cooperation in the field of medicine dates back to 1992, when an agreement was signed on cooperation between the health ministries of the two countries. The past years saw a number of joint projects implemented in this direction, one of which was the establishment of a Training and Simulation Center.

Medical training programs will be managed in the following years in cooperation with the health ministries of both countries through TİKA coordination.

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