22 April 2022

TİKA Provides Ramadan Aid to Families in Need in Iraq

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided food aid to 2300 families in need living in Kirkuk, Erbil, and neighboring regions in Iraq as part of its Ramadan Programs.

In his speech at the ceremony, Mustafa Yazıcı, TİKA’s Coordinator in Baghdad, stated that TİKA launched its Ramadan Programs in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, this year, and distributed food parcels to 2000 families in need in Kirkuk and neighboring regions and to 300 families in the Bahirka Refugee Camp in Erbil.

Yazıcı noted that the Agency will provide Ramadan aid to 6,000 families across Iraq this year. He added that they aimed to provide aid to families who are in need and living in poverty in the cities of Tuz Khurmatu, Diyala, Mosul, Tal Afar, Erbil, Kirkuk, Karbala, and Nasiriyah.

TİKA’s food aid was delivered to those in need in Kirkuk by the Provincial Directorate of Kirkuk of the Iraqi Turkmen Front.

Kahtan Vindavi, Provincial Director of Kirkuk at the Iraqi Turkmen Front, thanked the Republic of Türkiye, the Turkish Government, and all Turkish institutions for standing in solidarity with the people of Iraq during Ramadan.

Vindavi said, “We are grateful to TİKA for the aid it delivered to families in need in Kirkuk as part of its Ramadan assistance activities. We support the distribution of this aid with our organizations.”

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