04 July 2019

TİKA Provides Clean Drinking Water to Disabled Peoples and Orphans in Guinea

TİKA has responded to the 15-year longing for water of disabled individuals and orphans residing in the Guinea Solidarity Neighborhood.

The Solidarity Neighborhood, which has been carrying out activities in Conakry since 1978 under the Guinean Ministry of Social Affairs, Advancement of Women and Children's Affairs, is an institution that works for the education and integration of Guinean citizens with physical disabilities. Having been initially constructed for 74 families, the Solidarity Neighborhood now houses a total of 729 individuals (110 families) including 477 children and 236 disabled. The neighborhood's residents have been longing for clean water for more than 15 years. TİKA extended a helping hand to the disabled and orphans struggling to survive by carrying jugs of water across very long distances. TİKA, which has established a clean drinking water system with a capacity of 12 tons of water in the Solidarity Neighborhood, has become a lifeline for the disabled and orphans.

Gale Camara, a neighborhood resident with a disabled leg, said, "For more than 15 years, we have been carrying jugs of water across very long distances. We have knocked on every door and begged every institution. But no one held our hand. TİKA has been a godsend."

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