07 July 2021

TİKA Provided Kazakhstan with Medical Devices for Paralyzed People

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided a health center in Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan, with medical equipment for paralyzed people.

536 medical devices, which are used in the treatment of people with severe paralysis, were provided by TİKA's Nur-Sultan Coordinatorship to Nur-Sultan Multidisciplinary Medical Center.

Nur-Sultan Ambassador of Turkey Ufuk Ekici, Nur-Sultan Coordinator of TİKA İsmail Gürlek, Nur-Sultan State Multidisciplinary Medical Center Director Muhtar Tuleutayev, health workers and press members attended the delivery ceremony.

Ufuk Ekici, Ambassador of Turkey to Nur-Sultan, İsmail Gürlek, TİKA’s Nur-Sultan Coordinator, Muhtar Tuleutayev, Nur-Sultan State Multidisciplinary Medical Center Director, health workers and press members attended the delivery ceremony.

In his speech, Ambassador Ekici stated that as Turkey, they are happy to share the knowledge and experience gained in the field of medicine with friendly countries, and said, "It is very important to share knowledge and experience, especially in the field of medicine. Therefore, I think that both theoretical training and medical device support led by TİKA will be beneficial to our Kazakhstani friends. I hope this cooperation will continue in the long term".

TİKA’s Nur-Sultan Coordinator Gürlek said that the department where paralyzed people are treated, can include 100 patients and that 45 patients can benefit from health services at the same time. Gürlek continued: "In this regard, we have conducted a study analysis on the establishment of a physical therapy and rehabilitation department or PTR clinic at the center, which will Turkish and European standards. With the project carried out by our Agency, we delivered various equipment to be used in the rehabilitation of people with physical disabilities or traumatic injuries and to be used in their transfer to the relevant units of the hospital. In this way, we provided the rooms in the clinic with the new technological high-level comfort, considering the patients and their relatives." Gürlek also stated that applied and theoretical training courses regarding the medical devices provided were delivered to the health workers at the center by Turkish experts.

Stating that the department, where paralyzed people were treated, was opened 1.5 years ago, Nur-Sultan Multidisciplinary Medical Center Director Tuleutayev said: "The treatment process in the department where the paralyzed people stay is difficult and requires extensive treatment devices. We started to cooperate with TİKA about 2 months ago to get support. On behalf of the staff and patients in the center, I would like to thank them for their help." Tuleutayev stated that previously, paralyzed people were treated only as inpatients in the center, but they will start accepting daily patients from outside the center as well, thanks to the medical devices provided by TİKA.

At the ceremony, certificates were presented to the center employees who received practical and theoretical training given by Turkish experts.

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