09 July 2021

Sudanese Women Entering a Profession with the Support of TİKA

A sewing and kitchen work center was opened in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, in cooperation with the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and the local Bit Makali Association, to support homeless women and women who have recovered from drug addiction.

TİKA’s Khartoum Coordinator Bilal Özden, President of Bit Makali Association Lubna Ali Abdurrahman and Railway Institution President Velid Mahmud attended the opening ceremony.

TİKA’s Khartoum Coordinator Özden said: "We provided textile goods, food and beverage materials to the Bit Makali Association, which carries out activities about awareness, rehabilitation and vocational training for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of society such as the homeless and drug addicts." Özden stated that these materials, which are in the centers of the association at 3 different places in Khartoum, will be used both in the vocational training of these groups and in production, and said: "The income to be obtained from the production will ensure the sustainability of the education, awareness and rehabilitation activities of the association."

Abdurrahman, President of Bit Makali Association, said that they carried out this project that will benefit 15 thousand people in the region, in order to eliminate the negative situations in the society. Abdurrahman also said: "We will supply school uniforms to several kindergartens and primary schools that we have contracted because of this sewing center" and added that the center will provide opportunities for both homeless and unemployed women in the region. Abdurrahman stated that many houses will be built thanks to the project and thanked TİKA for this. Abdurrahman said that the local food kisra, ice cream, and shish kebab will be made and sold in the project, which will make homeless women producers, and that they will open 2 more centers in different regions of Khartoum.

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