09 July 2021

TİKA Supported Yemeni Families Who Are Flood Victims In Cooperation with AFAD

In cooperation with the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and the Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD), 350 families who were flood victims were provided with hygiene, food and living materials.

Immigrants, victims of the civil war, who took refuge in the Hanefer district of Ebyan in Yemen, experienced excessive rains, which made them suffer again. TİKA and AFAD supplied aid to families who lost their makeshift houses because of the flood, they also provided basic life support materials consisting of hygiene, food and life support materials to 350 internal migrant families who were flood victims.

In his speech on the distribution of materials, TİKA’s Yemen Program Coordinator Abdullah Sarı said: “Because Yemen is located in the southernmost part of the Arabian Peninsula and has a coast to the ocean, it causes the southern coastal settlements to be exposed to storms in certain periods of the year. As TİKA and AFAD, we supplied aid, consisting of hygiene products, kitchen utensils, and basic life support materials such as beds, blankets and mats, to victim families, whose houses were damaged by the floods that occurred throughout the country."

Planning Director of Abyan Province Hanfer District, Muhammed al-Ağbari, who participated in the distribution program, thanked TİKA and AFAD for responding to their calls for help.

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