21 June 2021

TİKA Organized a Summer School for the Children of the Martyrs and Veterans of the Karabakh War

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) organized a summer school for the children of the martyrs and veterans of the Karabakh War. A send-off ceremony was held at the Turkish Embassy in Baku for the children who will attend the summer school.

TİKA organized a 2-week summer school for 30 children of the heroic martyrs and veterans who made history in the Homeland War, which took place from September 27 to November 10, 2020 and resulted in the victory and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, in order to alleviate their suffering a little and make their summer holidays exciting through various events.

A send-off ceremony was held at the Turkish Embassy in Baku for the children who will attend the summer school. The ceremony was attended by Ambassador Cahit Bağcı and Teoman Tiryaki, TİKA’s Coordinator.

In his speech at the send-off ceremony, Ambassador Cahit Bağcı once again commemorated the heroic people who sacrificed their lives for the indivisibility and territorial integrity of their homeland, and stressed that they made history and that new generations should protect this land, which is their legacy.

Tablet computers were given as a gift to the participants of the summer camp to be used in various learning activities to be carried out throughout the program and later in their studies. After the ceremony, the children of martyrs and veterans were sent off to Oghuz District, where the summer school will be organized.

Throughout the summer school; entertaining quizzes and poetry, painting, and sports activities will be organized in Oghuz District, one of the mountainous regions of Azerbaijan with natural beauties. The summer school will also include seminars, which will aim to instill the spirit of volunteerism and prevent children from acquiring bad habits, and trips to historical tourist attractions in the city. Furthermore, seminars on the friendly ties between Azerbaijan and Turkey and the culture, education, and history of Turkey will be held for children during the summer camp.

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