03 January 2024

TİKA established a ceramic workshop at Community College Spektri

The opening ceremony of the ceramic workshop Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) established at Community College Spektri in Georgia was inaugurated.

In the opening ceremony of the ceramic workshop, which was established with TİKA’s support, Türkiye’s Ambassador to Tbilisi, Ali Kaan Orbay, Vice President of TİKA, Dr. Ümit Naci Yorulmaz, Principal of Community College Spektri, Mate Takidze, President of the Ministry of Education And Science of Georgia Vocational Education Development Department Tamar Kvinikadze, and students were present.

In his speech, Ambassador Orbay expressed that he was happy to be attending the opening ceremony and thanked TİKA for supporting the school.

Orbay stated that Türkiye has a lot of experience in ceramic production and that they are ready to share these experiences with Georgian experts.

Orbay emphasized that there are vast opportunities enabling the two countries to cooperate in ceramic production, just like in various other fields. He stated: “Every initiative that will serve the development and welfare of Georgia is precious to us. It makes us proud and happy to be a part of this.”

Vice President of TİKA, Yorulmaz, expressed how glad they are to be cooperating with this school, which is so important for Georgia as well. He stated: “TİKA will proudly continue this cooperation.”

Yorulmaz emphasized that the development of Georgia and providing employment there is greatly important for Türkiye as well. He also stated that the students who shape the material while making ceramics will also play a role in strengthening the relationship between the two countries.

After the opening ceremony of the workshop, the equipment of which is also provided by TİKA, invitees viewed the students’ ceramic works.

TİKA opens a Daycare center and a technology class

Yesterday, the Vice President of TİKA, Yorulmaz, attended two other opening ceremonies during his visit to Georgia as well.

The kindergarten and daycare center in Duisi village, which is in the Kakheti region of Georgia was inaugurated and Türkiye’s ambassador to Tbilisi, Ali Kaan Orbay, and Georgian authorities were present at the ceremony.

In the town of Marneuli, which is 40 kilometres away from Tbilisi, the technology class in the Integration Center for Georgian Azerbaijanis was opened as well.

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