26 January 2024

“Turkish Culture and Language” Courses Given at University of Havana

Within the scope of the cooperation protocol between Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and the University of Havana in the Republic of Cuba, Turkish Culture and Language courses were given at the university in 2023.

Forty students and Cubans from outside the university attended the courses on Turkish Culture and Language given at the University of Havana, Faculty of Arts and Letters, Department of Turkish History and Culture. The courses were conducted by Mehmet İlgürel, who is an associate professor at Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters.

A postgraduate course on “Turkish History and Culture” was also offered for the first time at the University of Havana. In addition to the postgraduate course titled “Studies on Türkiye from its Ancient Origins to the Modern Times”, lectures were presented under the main title of “Rumi (Mevlana) and Yunus Emre, the Major Actors of Mystical-Philosophical Thought and Türkiye, the Heir of a Cultural and Social Heritage”.

The remaining courses in the program were conducted by Cuban lecturers who had conducted studies on Türkiye.

Turkish Language Competitions

Within the scope of the program, Turkish Language Competitions were organized among students who attend Turkish Culture and Language classes. The winning students were rewarded by the Turkish Embassy in Havana.

On the occasion of the 18th of March Çanakkale Victory and Martyrs’ Day, a speech was delivered to Cuban students and lecturers, explaining various aspects of the victory.

“Turkish Culture Day” on May 19

On May 19, on the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, a Turkish Culture Day was organized with the participation of faculty members and students. At this event, Cuban researchers held a session where they presented their papers on Turkish Culture. Cuban students read Turkish poems. In addition, students who were successful in the aforementioned competition were rewarded, and May 19 was celebrated.

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