05 August 2019

TİKA commemorates the ‘15 July The Democracy and National Unity Day’ with the conferences “Turkey and its Impact on the New Global Geography”.

Within the framework of 15 July The Democracy and National Unity Day in Turkey, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) with Republic of Turkey Bogota Embassy organized the conferences 'Turkey and Its Influence on The New Global Geography', held in Bogotá and Cali, two of the Colombia's main cities.

The conferences were attended by government officials, researchers, academics, students, and the general public interested in the economic, political and socio-cultural environment of Turkey.

The conference in Cali was held on July 19 with the support of the ICESI University and was attended as panelists by Mr. Juan Alfredo Pinto, former Colombian Ambassador to Turkey (2015-2018 period) and Mr. Kadir Üstün, Executive Director at the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) Washington D.C. Additionally, Mr. Vladimir Rouvinski, Director at the International Policy and Relations Laboratory PoInt of the ICESI University welcomed the event.

Due to the great relevance of The Democracy and National Unity Day in Turkey, a video describing the unfortunate events that occurred on July 15 was shared to attendees and the important meaning of the country's victory in the failed coup attempt by the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and how this fact has further strengthened democracy in the country was explained.

In this sense, the panelists examined Turkey's political, social and economic environment and analyzed the influence and importance of Turkey that was ratified by Mr. Pinto, stating that “Turkey is part of a very powerful political geography”. Turkey's achievements at the global level were highlighted as one of the largest economies in the world and with the highest levels of humanitarian aid. In this sense, the valuable efforts of the Turkish Government in Colombia were announced, which, among other projects, are represented in the construction of “the best rural school in Colombia” project led by TİKA Colombia in 2017. Likewise, Turkey's important role in global development was highlighted, through its YTB scholarship program that by 2019 has received applications in more than 167 countries around the world.

The conference in Bogotá D.C. on June 26 was organized by TİKA and the Center for Turkish and Caucasus Studies and Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty of the Externado University of Colombia. The presentations were given by Mr. Juan Alfredo Pinto, former Colombian Ambassador to Turkey and Mr. Kılıç Buğra Kanat, Deputy Director at the SETA Foundation Washington D.C. Also was assisted by Ms. Ece Öztürk, the honorable Ambassador of Turkey in Bogota, Ms. Soraya Caro, director of the Center for Turkish and Caucasian Studies of the Externado University.

The conference began with the words of the honorable Ambassador of Turkey in Colombia, who was very pleased with the development of these spaces and also highlighted the importance of The Democracy and National Unity Day in Turkey. In this regard, expressing that the coup attempt of July 15 revealed the great threat posed by the FETÖ Terrorist Organization to the State, said that "FETÖ is not a social group that helps, it is a criminal organization".

Similarly, Mr. Pinto analyzed the failed coup attempt describing it as a 'Political Calamity' and affirmed that 'the people saved the democracy'. Mr. Pinto also highlighted the successful way in which Turkey's public policy has developed, in certain areas such as education. Mr. Kanat analyzes the Turkey's foreign policy and affirmed that Turkey is fixing significant challenges. Additionally, the professors and researchers of the Externado University, Mr. Pío García and Ms. María Teresa Aya, made appreciations regarding what was explained during the conference, expressed their perception of Turkey as a world power and with the panelists responded to the concerns of the attendees.

In this way, during the events attendees expressed their interest in knowing more about the strengthening of Turkish policy, Turkey's investments in the world, its commitments to development objectives in environmental matters, the expansion of its international relations, among other aspects.

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