26 September 2023

TİKA Built a “Handicraft and Women’s Shelter” in Cameroon

Handicraft and Women’s Shelter that The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) built in the town of Okola which is 40 kilometers away from Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, was opened.

Türkiye’s ambassador to Yaounde, Volkan Işıkçı, TİKA’s coordinator in Yaounde, Burak Özden, District Governor of Okola, Olomo Andre Christian, Secretary General of Cameroon’s Minister of Finance, Gibert Didier Edoa, and invitees were present at the opening ceremony.

Within the scope of the project which was supported by Onandua Sud Association and Municipality of Okola, Handicraft and Women’s Shelter was built on a 200 m2 field. In there, Cameroonian women will produce souvenirs, clothes, handmade cleaning supplies, and agricultural products. In Handicraft and Women’s Shelter, the productions will be marketed and sold as well. Also, education, seminars, and social activities will be organized there.

In the ceremony, TİKA’s coordinator in Yaounde, Özden stated that he expects hundreds of women to benefit from the establishment each year. After the speeches, the building was put into service with dance shows prepared by the women.

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