21 August 2023

TİKA’s Support on Introducing Turkish Cuisine

With the project carried out by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) in Pakistan, Turkish cuisine was taught to Pakistani culinary students.

Two-week Turkish Cuisine Training Program, carried out by TİKA and Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (PITHM), had come to an end with the certification ceremony attended by Türkiye’s Consul General to Karachi, Cemal Sangu; Provincial Minister of Sindh for Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Syed Serdar Ali Shah and TİKA’s Coordinator in Karachi, Halil İbrahim Başaran.

Pakistani cooks learned how to prepare 10 different menus and 40 different dishes from Turkish cooks in the training program where Turkish cuisine is being introduced.

Turkish delights were transmitted to Pakistan

Mentioning that he had the chance to taste many Turkish dishes during his visit last year, Minister of Sindh for Culture, Ali Shah, stated that he is greatly pleased with the delivery of these delights to Pakistan with this training project of TİKA carried out in PITHM where important cooks being trained.

Expressing that TİKA is active in almost all countries in the world, Consul General to Karachi, Sangu, stated that the fact TİKA is active with two offices shows the value given to Pakistan.

Reminding the audience that cuisines can transmit culture, TİKA’s Coordinator in Karachi, Başaran, specified that they are aiming to increase the cultural transmission between the two countries.

After the speeches, the certificates were given to 50 students who attended the training program.

After the certification ceremony, the dishes from the Turkish cuisine prepared by the Pakistani cooks were served to the guests inspecting the kitchen supported with equipment by TİKA.

With the project, PITHM culinary students will be the voluntary ambassadors of the Turkish cuisine culture with the Turkish cuisine delights they will serve to the institutions and organizations they work at.


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