21 August 2023

Equipment Support to Beekeepers in Albania by TİKA

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided equipment to the beekeepers in Shkodër, Albania.

TİKA provided equipment to the beekeepers in two municipalities with the highest unemployed rate in Albania.

10 for each, PVC beehive base with pollen trap were given to 69 members of the Pukjane Beekeepers Association in Puke, Shkodër and the Beekeepers Association in Vau i Dejes, which are affiliated with the Albanian Beekeepers Association.

The collection and processing of bee pollen, along with the production of products such as honey, propolis and royal jelly, is aimed with the support given to beekeepers.

Furthermore, this support will help beekeepers with fighting the varroa disease, which is common in Albania.

Beekeepers in the area along with Türkiye’s Ambassador to Tirana, Tayyar Kağan Atay; TİKA’s Head of Departments in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, Muhammed Atay and TİKA’s Tirana Coordinator, Emine Gizem Başkan attended the delivery ceremony.

By stating in his speech that Turkish people will always be by Albania, Ambassador Atay said:

“We are showing an example of this today. We are always together through thick and thin. Hopefully, our good days will be more than the bad days. The Turkish people pointed out that they are by their Albanian brothers' side on this wise.”

TİKA’s Head of Departments in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, Ünal, mentioned that they give particular attention to the development of agriculture and beekeeping in the Balkans.

Stating that they are putting various projects into practice on increasing the production efficiency and diversity of the families living in the countryside and doing agriculture, Ünal said: “It is aimed with our project to prevent the downfall of the production because of the climate change and increasing the income of the families by increasing the product range.”


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