05 August 2022

Support from TİKA to the Tourism Sector in Lebanon

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) constructed a tourism office and renovated another one for the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism.

The project was carried out within the framework of the campaign started by Walid Nassar, Lebanese Minister of Tourism. The empty space on the ground floor of the service building owned by the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism in Hamra was put to good use and turned into a license registration office. Having been furnished, the office now serves both as an information centre for tourists and a registration office for tourism agencies, hotels, restaurants, and other tourism enterprises.

Besides, the tourism office in Refik Hariri Airport, which was in poor conditions, has been renovated and equipped with office hardware such as computer and printer.

Walid Nassar, Lebanese Minister of Tourism, Ali Barış Ulusoy, the Ambassador of Türkiye in Beirut, Orhan Aydın, TİKA’s Coordinator in Lebanon, Hasan Hamdan, the Office Manager of Turkish Airlines in Beirut and Lebanese travel agencies as well as the representatives of various trade unions participated in the opening ceremony.  

Thanks from Minister Nassar to TİKA

Minister Nassar gave a speech at the ceremony and thanked TİKA for its support to the tourism sector in Lebanon. He said they wish to have more cooperation in the future.

Ambassador Ulusoy also gave a speech at the ceremony and said they are pleased with the project conducted by TİKA in cooperation with the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism. Ulusoy informed that the project is one of the 170 projects carried out by TİKA in many different sectors to contribute to the development of Lebanon. “This project will make a significant contribution to Lebanese economy, which is going through a hard period. The current project run by TİKA is an indicator of the support we give to Lebanese tourism”, said Ulusoy.  

The opening ceremony ended with a photograph exhibition showing TİKA’s activities in Lebanon.

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