12 May 2022

Support from TİKA to the Foundation of the Kali Sara Romani Minority in Croatia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) supplied a vehicle to the Foundation of the Kali Sara Romani Minority in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.  

The Romani live in the countryside in Croatia, and their settlements are rather dispersed. Therefore, it is hard to reach them or transfer them somewhere else. TİKA donated a vehicle to the Foundation of the Kali Sara Romani Minority, and now it will be possible to transfer the aids to the Romani, help them participate in events and take them to hospital in an emergency when there is no ambulance.

The vehicle was delivered to the foundation in a ceremony attended by the Deputy Veljko Kajtazi and the Vice President of TİKA, Dr. Rahman Nurdun. Mr. Veljko Kajtazi gave a speech in the ceremony and said, “Since its establishment, it is the first time that this foundation has ever received aid. We have never seen any institution or person help us so far. In fact, the problem is not the lack of help. The problem is to be left alone, but now we feel that we are not alone. On this vehicle, you see the name of Kali Sara Foundation as well as the names of TİKA and Türkiye. This shows that Romani people are not alone.”

Deputy Veljko Kajtazi represents 12 different minority groups in the Croatian parliament, and he founded Kali Sara in Zagreb in 2007. Kali Sara works an umbrella organization for all Romani foundations across Croatia and gathers all the Romani representatives to provide solutions to the problems encountered by the Romani in Croatia.

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