12 May 2022

Ramazan Packages from TİKA to 470 Terror-Stricken Families in Mozambique

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) distributed basic food aid to a total of 470 families who had to leave home due to recent terrorist acts in Cabo Del Gado in the north of Mozambique. The food parcels were distributed in Nampula with the coordination of Nampula Municipality and Mozambican Youth Protection Association.

Nampula, the biggest province in the Republic of Mozambique, hosts hundreds of refugees. TİKA distributed food parcels to 470 Muslim and Christian families, most of whom are refugees in need of housing, food supply, health care and employment support. The food parcels were handed out to beneficiaries with the help of Nampula Municipality.  

Tertoriano Juma, the President of the City Council, Paulo Vahanle, Nampula Mayor, Hüseyin Avni AKSOY, the Ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye in Maputo, local partners and press members participated in the ceremony. The Ambassador, H.  Avni Aksoy said this food aid project, which was carried out in the holy month of Ramadan, is a good example of the sincere relations between the two countries. He added that the enterprising and humane foreign policy of the Republic of Türkiye, which is based on the principle “Peace at home, peace in the world”, will continue to benefit the Mozambicans, particularly in development, humanitarian aid and social fields.

Paulo Vahanle, Nampula Mayor, stated Ramadan is a very important month for Muslims and started the event with a Quran recitation and prayers as an example of the tolerance between people of different religions. He thanked the Republic of Türkiye for its projects. He indicated that both parties, TİKA and Nampula Municipality, will keep working hard to support projects that would increase income and employment in Nampula.

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