12 May 2022

Support from TİKA to Fish Breeders in Agadez, Niger

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) opened a feed manufacturing facility within Agadez Fisheries Cooperative established by the local entrepreneurs in Agadez, one of the oldest cities in Niger.

A great majority of the population in Niger lives off agriculture and husbandry, and the government supports alternative agriculture and husbandry facilities, which are spreading. It is now becoming a state policy to establish integrated manufacturing facilities, especially in freshwater and pool fishery.

Different types of fish, primarily Tilapia, are bred in integrated manufacturing facilities, which have an increasing popularity across the country. Such facilities mean added value for Niger. 

Fish farming facilities contribute to alternative manufacturing in Agadez, a city in the north of Niger which has deep-rooted links with Türkiye. As the number of facilities is increasing in in the city, it is getting harder and harder to reach other complementary items such as fish-feed and equipment.

In fact, entrepreneurs in Agadez have had a hard time getting fish feed, which is quite expensive. Therefore, they have started the Agadez Fisheries Cooperative. TİKA established a 40 m2 facility, which 50 families can use, within the cooperative. The facility has a feed manufacturing machine that can produce 200 kg of feed an hour.

Besides, the producers were supplied with 3.500 kg of wheat, 1.000 kg pf peanut derivatives, feed stocking materials, drying tarpaulins, work clothes and diverse auxiliary equipment.

Mustafa Türker Arı, the Ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye in Niamey, İrfan Pamuk, TİKA Niamey Office Coordinator, Celal Orhun Ecemiş, the Head Doctor of Niger-Türkiye Friendship Hospital, Bayram Erdem, the Representative of Nijer Maarif Schools, Oumarou Ibrahim Oumarou, the Sultan of Agadez and the notables of the city participated in the ceremony. 

Ambassador Arı said that Türkiye successfully coordinates its development assistance to Niger through TİKA and added that Turkish people and Turkish state will continue to help Niger’s development processes in a determined way.

Oumarou, the Sultan of Agadez, thanked Turkish people and Turkish state for all the technical and humanitarian aid they have provided so far.

The project aims to support the members of the cooperative and their families. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the national economy, increase employment and boost Niger’s animal production capacity.

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