25 April 2022

Support from TİKA to Computer Assisted Education in Yemen

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) established two computer classrooms and granted education materials to the Institute to Support Gifted and Talented Youth in Aden, the temporary capital of Yemen.

TİKA’s Coordinator in Yemen, Abdullah Sarı said in his opening speech, “Educational institutions are either demolished or used for non-educational purposes at war. Some are occupied and turned into military quarters by the soldiers in conflict or used as internment camps. Some are used by the refugees as shelters. According to official data, 2 thousand 531 public schools have been damaged, occupied and turned into a shelter so far, which means 1 million 500 thousand children have been deprived of education”.

Sarı said that as TİKA, their objective is to provide gifted children with modern education materials that would help them improve their talents because the education materials currently offered by Yemen are either insufficient or out of date. Sarı also added that because there is now a Ramadan break, children will have a nice surprise when they get back to their schools after the bairam.  

Within the scope of the project, two classrooms were equipped with 20 computers and delivered to the school ready for use.

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