05 August 2022

Support from TİKA to Capacity Increase at Lebanese University

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) supported the capacity increase at Biotechnology Research Centre, Tripoli Science and Technology Faculty, Lebanese University.

TİKA granted an inverted microscope, a freeze drier, a power supply for electrophoresis and a protein analysis, scanning and centrifugal machine to the Biotechnology Research Centre. The academicians working at Faculty of Science and Faculty of Public Health at Lebanese University work on many diseases, especially viruses and Covid 19. Researchers and university students do scientific research at the centre.

“Lebanon, the country where TİKA works the most actively”

Ali Barış Ulusoy, Ambassador of Türkiye in Beirut, Orhan Aydın, TİKA’s Coordinator in Lebanon, Favaz Ömer, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology and academicians participated in the ceremony. Giving a speech at the end of the ceremony, Ambassador Ulusoy said, “Lebanon is one of the countries where TİKA has been working the most actively. We are very happy that TİKA has supported the capacity increase at Lebanese University, the only state university in the country, in Tripoli, the second biggest city.”

Support to Lebanon going through a hard period

Reminding that Lebanon has been going through a hard time from an economic perspective, Ulusoy stated, “With this support, Lebanon, which is having trouble carrying out its usual activities in such a hard period, will be able to undertake academic and educational activities in biotechnology at Lebanese University more easily. This TİKA project is a concrete indicator of the support our country gives to Lebanon in all fields.”

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