29 June 2021

Support For Turkish Language Education In Tajikistan From TİKA

The opening of the Turkish Education Center and Lingafon Class, established by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) was inaugurated with the “Evening of Friendship” program.

Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Dushanbe Emre Zeki Karagöl, Rector of Public Administration Academy of Tajikistan Prof. Dr. Abduhalil Gafurzoda, TİKA’s Dushanbe Coordinator İbrahim Erbir and Director of Dushanbe TÖMER Center İsmail Doğan attended the opening ceremony organized by the Academy of Public Administration of Tajikistan.

With the education center, Turkish elective classes will be available to all students, and Turkish lessons will be given by a Turkish teacher who will be permanently assigned to the education center by TÖMER. With the project, Turkish will be taught as an official elective course at an educational institution in Tajikistan for the first time, will be reflected in the student's diploma grade and included in the transcript.

This project provided an opportunity for all students studying at the academy to learn the Turkish language and culture, especially for civil servants working in a variety of institutions and organizations of Tajikistan.

The Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Tajikistan is directly affiliated with the Presidency of Tajikistan and provides training at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels, as well as training of all public personnel in the country. Currently, the Academy with its 3 faculties and 16 departments is the only government institution where more than 6,000 students are educated and that has many ministers and senior bureaucrats as graduates.

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