19 August 2013

Support For The Fisheries Sector In Tunisia

Support For The Fisheries Sector In Tunisia

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate continues support for the Tunisian people by providing support to production sectors. 12 boat motors provided in this scope by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate were presented to the Ghannouche Fisheries Cooperative officials in a ceremony organized in the coastal town of Ghannouche in Tunisia’s Gabes region.

Following the jasmine revolution, one of the most important issues on the Tunisian agenda is to increase employment and reinforce the production sectors. In response to requests from non-governmental organizations to reduce unemployment particularly in less developed regions and to support production sectors from a professional as well as technical aspect, 12 fishing boat motors were delivered to poor families employed in certified-licensed fishing in the coastal town of Ghannouche in Tunisia’s Gabes region.

The ceremony to present the fishing boat motors was attended by the Ghannouche Fisheries Cooperative authorities, the Tunisia Charity General Secretary Samy Ben Youssef, regional organization officials, resident fishermen and their families of Ghannouche and TİKA officials. This project conducted by TİKA aims to help 53 families involved in fisheries to make an acceptable regular income from fishing and to bring economic activity into the Ghannouche region with a population of 30 thousand.

In the speech made by Tunisia Charity General Secretary Youssef at the presentation ceremony, he expressed his gratitude to the Turkish people for the support provided within the scope of the project. General Secretary Youssef also drew attention to the importance of projects being undertaken by TİKA to provide technical equipment and vocational training cooperation in underdeveloped rural regions. General Secretary Youssef said the fishing boat motors, which will be used jointly under the organization by the 53 families, will enable them to fish using modern equipment and will therefore help them to earn a significant income, whereas before the equipment was provided they has been struggling to make a living using their own very limited resources. Tunisia Charity General Secretary Youssef thanked TİKA for its support.

The project, which will provide significant contributions towards reducing unemployment in Tunisia’s underdeveloped regions and supporting the fisheries sector, was realized through a cooperation between the Ghannouche Fisheries Cooperative, the Tunisia Charity and TİKA. The TİKA projects which were started in Tunisia in 2012 to support administrative and civil infrastructure continue in various categories such as reinforcing social and educational infrastructure, material/equipment provision to develop production sectors, capacity expansion projects and vocational training and technical cooperation particularly in the field of law enforcement and security.

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