28 September 2018

Sultanate of Agadez Revives Legacy of Ottoman Empire with the Support of TİKA

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) restored the welcome room of the Sultanate of Agadez in Agadez region of Niger.

The renovated welcome room of the sultanate was inaugurated with the participation of the Sultan of the Agadez region Oumarou Ibrahim Oumarou, Governor Sadou Soloke, Head of the Regional Council of Municipalities Mohamed Anacko, military officials and civilians.

The Sultanate of Agadez has continued its existence since Ottoman Empire. When the tribes from Agadez requested the Ottoman Empire to send them a ruler in the early 1400s, the Sultan sent Yunus, his son born from an African woman in his harem, to reign in the region. With the arrival of Sultan Yunus, Sultanate of Agadez was founded. The people of the Sultanate of Agadez, most of whom were Tuaregs, have been called "Istanbuleva" which means "those who come from Istanbul".

Speaking at the ceremony, Sultan of the Agadez region Oumarou Ibrahim Oumarou briefed the participants on the history of Istanbuleva people;

“As a result of internal anarchy and external threats, the Tuareg people started to search for a permanent solution to the problem of unity and identity. The clergymen, who were very influential in the confederations, proposed a permanent solution. As the confederations did not accept the superiority of one of them, they decided to seek a leader abroad. This leader had to come from an empire which was respected by many peoples in the world. So, they decided to go to a sultan in a distant country.

A strong caravan of 400 warriors that was set out to complete this dangerous and noble mission faced many challenges on the way. Due to the difficult travel conditions, only seven representatives from the caravan managed to reach the Ottoman Sublime Porte and told the Sultan their problems that could ruin their people in the Sahara borders. The Sultan, who was very sensitive in these matters, appointed one of his sons born from a woman in his harem. A delegation consisting of the sultan's son, his guards and courtiers set out. The Foreign Sultan arrived at the region in an atmosphere where Tuareg people honored him. The delegates of various confederations were invited to this historical vote of confidence event.”

Sultan of Agadez Oumarou Ibrahim Oumarou, who claims to be the descendant of Sultan Yunus, works as a Muslim judge and takes an active role in settling the controversies between tribes. The sultan, who has a reputation in Niger state, also has social functions such as development of the region and reduction of hunger, helping the unemployed to find job, and supporting people who cannot afford marriage.

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