22 April 2021

'Online Energy Reporting Training Program' Organized with the Cooperation of AA and TİKA

The "Online Energy Reporting Training Program", which has been organized with the cooperation of Anadolu Agency (AA) and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) for foreign participants from all over the world, has ended. A total of 75 foreign media members took part in this training.

The training program, which has been organized in accordance with AA's vision to train qualified field reporters and as part of TİKA's Reporting Training Program (MEP), has begun with an opening ceremony, during which the Ambassador of Turkey to Maputo, Hüseyin Avni Aksoy, expressed that the quality of press members would be increased in various areas thanks to this training carried out with the cooperation of TİKA and AA.

Also stating that the freedom of information and the efforts to increase its quality are important indicators of development that are easily overlooked, Aksoy emphasized the technical equipment support that has been provided by Turkey to other countries on top of the journalism training.

Uğur Tanyeli, the Head of the Department of Foreign Relations and Partnerships at TİKA, stated that Turkey has been sharing their knowledge and experience in this area and said: "A news story may start a war and a photograph may bring the peace; this is the motto which our work is based on. So far, we have trained more than 630 media employees. This program includes participants from 11 countries."

AA News Academy Director Cihangir İşbilir mentioned that they named these trainings as 'new media trainings' due to the constantly changing media models, and said: "In this context, we need to become experts in areas such as the energy industry in order to evaluate the issues from different point-of-views. As AA, we care greatly about investing in people and contributing into the training of journalists by sharing our experience."

The program was held in English and it was also supported with simultaneous interpreting services to Arabic and Portuguese. The participating media members from Palestine, Uzbekistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Namibia, Cameroon, Yemen, Croatia, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, Jordan and Mozambique took part in classes on subjects such as energy news and resources, energy diplomacy, energy policies in the world and energy economics.

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