26 July 2018

Medical and Veterinary Screening by TİKA in Senegal and Guinea Bissau

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) performed a medical and veterinary screening in Senegal, which is located in the western corner of Africa, and in Senegal’s neighbor Guinea Bissau

With the activity that was carried out in the two countries in collaboration with the African Centre for Complementary Schooling, University and the Promotion of Education (CACSUP), which consists of faculty members from Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD), TİKA helped assure human health and welfare as well as animal health in Western Africa. 

The activity included the screening of approximately 1,500 animals and the distribution of free medication. Thanks to the provision of safe food, the diseases that spread to people and animals through other animals and animal products were prevented in order to help protect the public health. The expert teams performed general medical screening on approximately 2,000 people, primarily on women and children, simultaneously in both countries.

The First Lady of Guinea Bissau, Maria Rosa Teixeira Goudiaby Vaz thanked Turkey and TİKA during the opening ceremonies.

The programs were attended by the local administrators from Senegal’s Casamance and Kolda regions, Turkish Ambassador to Senegal Nihat Civaner, TİKA Senegal Coordinator Murat Oral and a lot of guests.

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