26 July 2018

Training Support from TİKA to Mozambique on Cotton Farming

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided an applied training to cotton farmers in Mozambique.

The weeklong program held at TIGEM Nazilli Cotton Research Center was directed at cotton farmers from Mozambique and it provided applied training on increasing productivity.

The farmers were educated on productivity, soil conservation, and pest control.  The farmers, who received their certificates at the end of the training expressed that they were anxious to try the things they have learned in their country and they expressed their gratitude to Turkey and to Turkish people. 

TİKA Mozambique Coordinator İbrahim Aybek stated that he believes rural development and correct agricultural practices will overcome many negativities in Africa and he expressed that he is honored to be able to share Turkey’s experiences on this issue with the world.

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