23 March 2018

In Mazar-i Sharif 707th Pamir Regional Command’s Conference Hall was Inaugurated

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) repaired and equipped the conference hall and administrator room of Operation and Planning Unit of 707th Pamir Regional Command, which is under the authority of Afghanistan Ministry of Interior Affairs, in Mazar-i Sharif Province. 

In the opening ceremony of the project completed by TİKA, R.T. Mazar-i-Sharif Consul General Şevki Seçkin Alpay, Mazar-i Sharif Province 707th Pamir Regional Command General Baba Jan, TİKA Mazar-i-Sharif Coordinator Zeki Bulduk, Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs’ Religious Affairs Attaché in Afghanistan Abdulcelil Alpkıray and security forces were in attendance.

The program started with the recital of the Quran by Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs’ Religious Affairs Attaché in Afghanistan. National anthems of Turkey and Afghanistan were singed. Giving the opening speech of the ceremony, General Baba Jan provided some brief information about the security responsibilities of the 707th Pamir Regional Command in northern Afghanistan. General Baba Jan pointed out that Turkey has helped Afghanistan greatly on many areas, especially after 2001, for the training of the security personnel. 

General Baba Jan explained that Turkey is the leading country for the training of Afghan policewomen and emphasized that hundreds of policewomen, who receive formal training in Turkey, serve in Afghanistan today. He also stated that Turkey has provided great opportunities for Afghan people on education and that they were very happy for the handover of Afghan-Turkish schools to Turkish education. Jan thanked TİKA on behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the support it provided to the renovation of the conference hall and administrator room at the Operation and Planning Unit Building of 707th Pamir Regional Command.

R.T. Mazar-i-Sharif Consul General Şevki Seçkin Alpay started his speech by offering his condolences for the victims of the terrorist attacks that have lately occurred in Afghanistan. Alpay remarked that Turkey and Afghanistan would stand side by side in difficult times as two friendly and brotherly countries. 

Consul General Alpay stressed that they will continue their support on all areas for the development of Afghanistan.  TİKA Mazar-i-Sharif Program Coordinator Zeki Bulduk stated that the renovation efforts have improved the education conditions of the security forces.  After the speeches, the ribbon cutting ceremony was performed with everybody's participation and afterwards, the hall and the administrative room were visited.

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