05 March 2014

Health Services Support To Solomon Islands From TİKA

Health Services Support To Solomon Islands From TİKA

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency and Solomon Islands Ministry of Health set up cooperation to ease the transportation of patients among islands through motorboats. For this reason, 4 motorboats are submitted to the authorities with ceremony.

Upon the request of Solomon Islands Ministry of Health, to connect the doctors and patients in remote islands’ health centers to the local hospitals 4 motorboats are submitted to authorities with the support of TIKA. This is the first projects between Turkey and Solomon Islands and it carries importance because it will meet a vital need.

Since the island has a rough and mountainous landscape the sea transportation is used instead of road transportation.
Unfortunately the families do not have durable boats that will take them to other islands by overcoming the ocean currents. The boats which are provided by TIKA will be used as ambulances enabling transportation of patients and doctors to islands in emergency cases.

In ceremony Solomon Islands Minister of Foreign Affairs conveyed his thanks to Turkey for its friendly approach and he told that the boats will be used in provinces of Makira and Ulawa’s hospitals and health centers. Also, He added that the provinces will present a letter of thanks to TIKA. Lastly, the Minister wished for the continuation of the cooperation between two countries.

Solomon Islands is one of the small island countries in South Pacific. Its population is 600.000 and it is one of the least developed countries. The islands which constitute the country are far away from each other and it makes difficult for these islands to receive services such as education and health.

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