27 May 2014

Equipment Assistance To Kukes Municipality, Albania

Equipment Assistance To Kukes Municipality, Albania

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) delivered equipment assistance to the sanitation unit of the Public Services Directorate, Kukes Municipality, Albania.

Sanitation services for Kukes city are provided by the sanitation unit of the Public Services Directorate of the Municipality. Operating as three working groups, the unit deploys its limited resources for the disposal of urban waste.

Under the Sanitation Support Project for Kukes Municipality implemented by TIKA, assistance was provided to improve service standards of the sanitation unit and working conditions of the staff. Kukes used to be one of the cleanest cities in Albania but experienced problems in sanitation services in recent years; the project helped restore Kukes’ renown as the cleanest city of Albania. Equipment and materials provided by TIKA were delivered in a ceremony honored by Turkish Ambassador at Tirana Hidayet Bayraktar; Kukes Mayor Hasan Halilaj and TIKA’s Coordinator at Tirana Prof. Dr. Birol Çetin.

Kukes Mayor Halilaj stated in the ceremony that the project enabled the sanitation unit of the municipality which so far had to work with limited resources to operate in a modern mode of service. Noting that TIKA’s assistance helped solve a significant problem in sanitation, Mayor Halilaj expressed his gratitude for TIKA’s assistance project for the town and municipality, concluding his remarks with wishes of further cooperation.

Turkish Ambassador Bayraktar emphasized that bilateral relations between Turkey and Albania were on firm grounds of understanding and cooperation in many fields, and expressed high satisfaction on TIKA’s successful works in Albania. TIKA’s Coordinator Prof. Dr. Çetin remarked that the sanitation staff of Kukes Municipality would, by the equipment and materials supplied, work more efficiently and provide better services to the public. Coordinator Çetin gave brief information on TIKA’s other projects ongoing in Albania, and concluded by reaffirming that Turkey would always be with Albanian people.

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