13 January 2014

Emergency Medical Aid To Gaza

Emergency Medical Aid To Gaza

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency answered to the emergency request of the authorities of Gaza Ministry of Health. TIKA sent drugs and medical supplies to Gaza.

The closure of Rafah border gate which is the only gate of Gaza Strip opening to the World and the destruction of tunnels in recent years which is used by Palestinians to meet their needs make the living conditions in Gaza more difficult. TIKA, always sensitive to the problems of Palestinians, provided the necessary emergency medical supplies and drugs to the Gaza Ministry of Health. TIKA’s emergency medical aid project prevented a big humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The authorities from Gaza Ministry of Health expressed their thanks by saying that TIKA helped at the most needed time. Also the authorities said that the embargo on Palestine causes big problems in every sector as in health, but the help from Turkey by means of TIKA contributed a lot about solving of this problem.

It is expected that the provided medical supplies and drugs will be used for the treatment of hundreds of patients who are in Gaza hospitals. TIKA is conducting numerous projects in Gaza from education, health, water and sanitation to the administrative and civil infrastructure. Besides, TIKA is doing its best to meet the needs of Palestinians about emergency humanitarian aid.

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