03 November 2021

Djiboutian Women Get Jobs Thanks to TİKA

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided professional kitchen materials and electrical kitchen appliances to the cookery department of CASAF Balbala Women's Vocational Center and gave pastry training to 10 female chef trainers.

The training was held at the CASAF Balbala Women's Vocational Center between 16-21 October 2021 with the support of TİKA. A 6-day intensive pastry training was given to 10 female chef trainers working in CASAF and Djibouti Women's Union Association by Mustafa Burak Dikici, who is a gastronomy training specialist at the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

As part of the training project, the cookery department of the Balbala Women and Vocational Center was supported with professional kitchen materials and electrical kitchen appliances. Besides, international basic pastry and kitchen cleaning points were demonstrated in practice.  

After the training, the participants were given training certificates at the ceremony held with the participation of the Minister of Women and Family of Djibouti Mouna Osman Aden and the Turkish Ambassador to Djibouti Salim Levent Şahinkaya. Ministry employees, women's center students, Camp Lemonier American Base representatives and local press members attended the ceremony.

In his speech at the ceremony, Ambassador Şahinkaya stated that many Turkish companies operating in Djibouti contribute greatly to the employment rates of the country, and that TİKA also supports employment with vocational training projects organized to support women, the disabled and vulnerable groups.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Women and Family Mouna Osman Aden said: “TİKA, like UN system organizations, is one of the biggest technical and financial partners of our ministry. We have increased our capacity, especially thanks to the additional building built by TİKA at CASAF and the projects carried out with the financial support of TİKA. We wish that TİKA will always be with us and continue their support.”    

Speaking at the ceremony, TİKA Djibouti Coordinator Kutluhan Yucel informed the participants about the purpose and technical details of the project.

At the end of the ceremony, the Balbala Cafe was opened, where the devices and materials given to CASAF by Djibouti Minister of Women and Family, Aden, and Turkish Ambassador to Djibouti, Şahinkaya will be used.  


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