03 November 2021

TİKA Support for School and Mosque Built by the Turkish Association in Chad

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided equipment support to the Abdulhamit Han Mosque and Sanabil Al-Marifa School, which were built as part of the Konya Cultural Center project carried out by the Dosteli Association in Chad.

Some school supplies, teacher desks and chairs, classroom whiteboards and 200 student desks were provided to Chad students. As part of the project, carpets, sound systems, and ventilation systems were given to the mosque of the cultural center.

The new building of the "Sanabil Al-Marifa" school was put into service with the ceremony held in the 8th District of Encemine.

The State Secretary of the Ministry of National Education of Chad, the Representative of the Supreme Islamic Council, the Director of the Baladi Foundation and TİKA Chad Coordinator attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Yahya Abdulaye Abakar, the President of Baladi Association, the local partner of Dost Eli Association, stated that they want to train engineers, teachers and doctor candidates who love their country in the 400-student school and thanked TİKA for the equipment they provided.

TİKA Chad Coordinator Melih Mücahid Ateş stated that TİKA attaches great importance and priority to supporting education and production in Chad and stated that they have carried out more than 90 development projects in different fields in Chad. Ateş gave information about important educational projects such as the Printing Project, the Chad-Turkish Social Complex for Friendship Project, and the Agricultural Vocational High School.

In his speech, the State Secretary of the Ministry of National Education of Chad stated that the relations between Turkey and Chad existed even before the French colony and they have a deep-rooted history, and thanked all Turkish people, especially the Turkish Republic and TİKA, for their support to Chad.


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